Expansion Bellows

Expansion Bellows suppliers in Abu Dhabi
Expansion Bellows suppliers in Abu Dhabi

Flexible Hose

Flexible hoses have been serving us in miscellaneous areas they keep their distance but in reality, are very close to our lives and safety, for decades, thanks to its ease of installation and use, and long-lifetime against the corrosion.

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Metallic Expansion Joint

Rectangular metal pipe expansion joints have a variety of applications in the power, petrochemical, refining, chemical, and steel industries. These may be a cost-effective option for large-diameter piping systems which operate at low pressure system.

Expansion Bellows suppliers Abu Dhabi

Rubber Expansion Joint

Rubber expansion joints are the perfect solution for pipe systems to absorb movements, vibrations, resulting in the significantly prolonged service life of the pipe work and connected equipment improve thermal stability

Expansion Bellows

Expansion Bellows suppliers Abu Dhabi,

Expansion joints are used in piping systems to absorb thermal expansion or terminal movement where the use of expansion loops. contraction joints, are sometimes confused with expansion joints, but have a different purpose and function. Concrete and asphalt have relatively weak tensile strength, and typically form random cracks as they age, shrink, and are exposed to environmental stresses. Expansion joints are required in large ducted air systems to allow fixed pieces of piping to be largely free of stress as thermal expansion occurs.

Application of Expansion Bellows:

  • When the space constraints do not permit providing adequate flexibility for maintaining the system stresses limits.
  • When it is not practical to limit the piping induced loads on the terminal nozzles of the equipment with limits by conventional methods.

Expansion joints have usage in various sectors, like energy productions, paper industry, chemical industry, water treatment, oil and gas. Everywhere where exist pipelines and occurs thermal movements or vibration, then expansion joints can be used. Expansion joints for lateral movements in one plane only permit a far larger expansion absorption than axial expansion joints. Lateral expansion joints that are movable in all planes simultaneously absorb expansion from two pipe sections in different directions

Expansion Bellows suppliers in Abu Dhabi

Expansion Bellows dealers AUE,

 universal expansion joint can absorb not only axial movements but angular and lateral movements as well. It consists of two metal bellows with an intermediate pipe and connectors on both sides. As a special form of the axial expansion joint, the universal expansion joint has only a limited pressure resistance for stability reasons and, moreover, loads the adjacent pipe supports with the axial compressive force resulting from the internal pressure. It is usually used to compensate for large axial and lateral movements at low pressure. Axial expansion joints are suitable for internal and external overpressure. If the pressure is applied to the outside of the metal bellows of axial expansion joints, the expansion joints permit very large axial movements in case of internal pressure in a pipeline. Because there is no danger of buckling when an external overpressure is applied.