Paper is manufactured by blending binders, and additives. The specialized paper-making process is used to form a uniform and flexible paper that is easy to be handled and cut. L paper can be used in a wide range of applications as thermal insulation. lt is especially suited to use in gaskets and as a parting medium.



Typical Parameters


“The data shown are typical average results of tests under standard procedures and are subject to variation. Results should not be used for specification purposes or creating any contractual obligation. For more information on the safety application or materials, please refer to the work practices and material safety data sheet.”


  • Excellent  thermal  shock  resistance

  • Can be machined, cut, and shaped easily

  • High  flexibility

  • Low thermal  conductivity

  • Good  dielectric   strength

Typical Applications

  • Gaskets for high-temperature applications

  • Gaskets for domestic appliances

  • Back-up  lining   for metal troughs

  • Thermal barriers for vehicles

  • Expansion   joints