Acoustic Enclosures in UAE- Revolutionize the Soundscape with Nissi’s Acoustic Mastery 

Looking for the industry’s finest noise management solutions? Look no further! At Nissi Engineering, we are pioneers in delivering Acoustic Insulation products in uae that seamlessly blend quality with superior performance and cutting-edge design.

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Why Us?

Nissi Engineering where innovation, expertise, and customer-centric solutions converge.

Innovation and Quality

At Nissi Engineering, we are a beacon of innovation and quality. Our solutions, especially our meticulously crafted Acoustic Insulation products, are a testament to our commitment to excellence.

Customer-Centric Approach

Our team prioritizes your needs, ensuring that our solutions are tailored precisely to address your requirements and effectively.

Expertise in Design

Benefit from our expertise in design. We don’t just provide solutions; we present you with state-of-the-art designed products that meet and exceed industry standards.

Efficient Supply Chain

Our commitment is to ensure just-in-time delivery, keeping your production line seamless and uninterrupted.

Nissi Oil & Gas Equipment Trading LLC – Enclosures Crafted with Precision and Powered by Advanced Production Techniques for Unparalleled Excellence!

Acoustic Enclosures


Discover client-centric excellence with Nissi Engineering. Being the best Acoustic Enclouser Suppliers in UAE, we understand that each requirement is unique. We specialize in crafting Acoustic Insulation products that seamlessly integrate into your operations. From machinery to intricate equipment, our experienced technical team excels in creating customized solutions to reduce noise effectively. 

Experience bespoke solutions that redefine noise reduction – choose Nissi Engineering for client-centric excellence in every solution.

Masters of Precision – Expert Assistance, Exceptional Results:

Our dedicated technical team, committed to excellence, brings years of experience to every project. With precision and innovation, they manage each project, ensuring optimal performance from design to installation. Experience the unmatched power of technical expertise in Acoustic Insulation in uae to solve your noise-related challenges.

Acoustic Enclosures


  1. Gas purge
  2. Windows
  3. Temperature stability
  4. Active EMI cancellation
  5. Damping at individual frequencies
  6. Removable access doors
  7. Custom sizes and shapes
  8. Active vibration isolation

Unveiling Distinctive Features of Nissi Acoustic Enclosures

Hassle-free Setup, Minimum Downtime

Experience the ease of  Acoustic installation, ensuring a seamless transition to a more tranquil workspace without downtime.

Battle-Tested Against Corrosion

Brave challenging conditions with confidence as our enclosures are designed to resist corrosion, promising enduring performance and unwavering reliability.

Built to Last, in Every Way

Embrace noise-proof with our robust Acoustic Insulation enclosures, crafted for lasting durability. The best shield against noise while maintaining structural integrity, our solutions redefine resilience.

Transforming Your Workspaces by Minimizing Noise & Maximizing Efficiency

Investing in Nissi’s Acoustic Insulation Enclosures in uae is an investment to boost your workforce efficiency and well-being. Experience the transformative power of a quieter environment that enhances focus, facilitates better communication, and cultivates a workplace culture of enhanced productivity.


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