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Acoustic Enclosures

Acoustic Enclosures UAE products

which can also be customized based on client’s choice. Our technical team is an expert to resolve your all issues and to provide the best result. We fabricate/manufacture all types of machine enclosure to reduce noise and help to achieve the desired noise level so as to make your workplace comfortable. Acoustic Enclosures are designed to reduce the outside noise levels and enclosed with shock resistant system.



• Easy installation
• Corrosion resistance
• Rugged Construction

NISSI OIL & GAS EQUIPMENT TRADING LLC ; Our offered enclosures are manufactured using quality approved raw material with the most advanced production techniques.


Niss Oil & Gas Equipment Trading LLC,

Flexible Hoses suppliers

are acoustic chambers, noise enclosures, acoustic barriers and screens, and sound isolation enclosures that minimize or attenuate noise. You do not need to worry about the performance and durability of a technically designed. Heavy materials such relatively large amounts of sound and can be used in acoustic enclosures of double-leaf construction.

Flexible Hoses suppliers Abu Dhabi

Popular Features

  1. Gas purge
  2. Windows
  3. Temperature stability
  4. Active EMI cancellation
  5. Damping at individual frequencies
  6. Removable access doors
  7. Custom sizes and shapes
  8. Active vibration isolation

Our Services

Our manufactures Flexible Hoses suppliers Kuwait supplies

and installs a complete range of acoustic enclosures. We take care to ensure that each acoustic enclosure design meets your individual requirements for noise reduction, maintenance and materials. Also it maintains ethical business practices and exercises cordial relations in all our dealings. We design the most practical and cost-effective soundproof enclosure solutions to meet these standards.

It can be fitted with vision panels, doors or access points, forced ventilation, extraction and lift-off roof systems. To reduce workers exposure to noise there are a number of engineered noise control mechanisms available such as control room, operator cabins, and acoustic walls. An enclosure also includes acoustic doors and windows, acoustic tunnel at the entrance and exit of the conveyors and a maximum reduction of openings.